Maine School Administrative District #32

Ashland • Garfield Plantation • Masardis • Oxbow Plantation

The mission of Ashland District School is to educate all students to understand the past, learn in the present, and flourish in the future as productive and engaged citizens.


Ashland District School

180 Presque Isle Road • P.O. Box 369 • Ashland, ME 04732 • Phone: 207.435.3481

COVID-19 Pooled Testing

What is Pooled Testing?

Pooled testing provides a weekly look at a “pool” of students and staff.  A self-administered nose swab is pooled with other members of the pool.  There will be 10-20 members per pool.  A PCR test of the pool will reveal whether COVID-19 is present.  If positive, further testing (rapid BINAX) will be performed on all members. Close contacts who opt out of the pool will need to quarantine without exception.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pooled Testing Online Consent (Use Access Code: ADSpool) – Students 18 and Over

Pooled Testing Online Consent (Use Access Code: ADSpool) – Students Under 18

Pooled Testing Consent – Printable Form